Artificial Intelligence

Hong Kong, as the fourth most densely populated city, requires significant demand in energy as it is needed in every aspect of life. From infrastructure to personal entertainment, from home to work.
Buildings account for 90% of total electricity consumption in Hong Kong and among various electricity uses, HVAC system consumes the most, around 30%. To achieve the reduction target, the most direct method is to reduce the energy used by HVAC system in buildings.
On top of installing variable speed drive (VSD), Artificial intelligence (AI) has promising applications in HVAC, since it can improve both energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. AI developed by i2Cool can optimize variables like airflow, temperature, humidity and even the density of CO2 - conserving air quality with the lowest possible energy consumption.
AI is a real time, continuous, reliable, automated optimization control strategy to ensure the chiller plants are operating in its most efficient state year-round.

Working Principle


AI-based Control System