Electricity-free Cooling 

iPaint 1.0 (White Paint)

We developed a passive radiative cooling paint, providing a sustainable and energy-saving solution to the consumption of electricity in buildings. Supported by the Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the HKSAR Government, a roof of a building in Hong Kong has been coated with this paint. The roof surface temperature was reduced by more than ~ 20 °C, while the indoor air temperature could be reduced by more than ~ 3 °C, significantly saving the air conditioning energy consumption in the building.

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iPaint 2.0 (Colourful Paint)

Research result shows that paint in white performs the best in cooling effects. While, to cater for the demands on different colour of paint, i2Cool is now developing paints with different colours.

Image by Theme Photos
Image by David Pisnoy