Cutting Fabric


iTextile is a textile achieving self-cooling based on radiative cooling technology. Hong Kong is in the sub-tropical region where the climate is very hot and humid. The hot weather causes a lot of problems such as heat stress and heatstroke. Additionally, the hot weather induces adverse effects on the economy due to limiting outdoor productivity events. Therefore, i²cool is developing the iTextile for use of different products such as clothes, umbrellas, shelters, curtains, masks and etc, to cool human bodies and indoor environments to mitigate the effect of heat stress, heatstroke, and undesired heating. The beneficiaries of the iTextile will be outdoor laborers, sports enthusiasts, and the public.



The novel iTextile can effectively reflect solar irradiance and transmit mid-infrared thermal radiation from human bodies to the cold universe at -270 ˚C. As a result, the solar gain can be minimized, and meanwhile, heat from the human body through iTextile can be transferred to the cold universe. Besides, human bodies are black body which means the emissivity of mid-infrared thermal radiation of human bodies is very high, around 0.98, implying that the human bodies can significantly emit mid-infrared thermal radiation. Consequently, the iTextile can provide outstanding cooling effects.